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Thank you for considering financial support the CNC effort!

Those of us doing the planning for the CNC events are strictly volunteers. Futhermore, we have no budget or funds to work with yet. The $20-25 per single or family unit (includes lunch and snacks) will help, but will not do everything we might hope to do.

Member: AANRCNC is an AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation Opens New Window) Member.

If you believe in our vision and want to support us, that would be a great encouragement to us. With your help and God's guidance we can support and encourage others of like precious faith while being a witness to others.  Click here to become a member of the CNC or AANR or both! Opens New Window

Supporting Christian Family ValuesAny funds received at this point would be used according to the needs we have to pursue the CNC vision. They will be available to whichever of the three CNC events has need. If you would prefer , you may also specify the use of your funds.

Furthermore, we would like to be able to offer some assistance to anyone who might need help with registration and grounds fees in order to attend any of our meetings. If you would like to help others that way, indicate that with your gift.

We appologize, although we are incorporated, we are not yet a recognized non-profit, therefore we cannot offer any sort of tax benefit or donation receipt.

To make an on-line donation use our membership form Opens new Window or use the "Donate" button below. Checks or money orders made to the order of "CNC" and sent to:
Merriman CNC
16486 E. 17th Place 131
Aurora, CO 80011

Thank you for your support!