Our Faith

We believe...We are very serious about our faith and we have some biblical understandings that are (obviously) unique to Christian Naturists. Therefore, we also want to present a statement on what we believe about God, humanity, salvation through the Lord Jesus, Christ, and the freedom we believe is our inheritance as children of God.

Statement of Faith

GOD. With joy and confidence we proclaim that we believe in one God
who has existed forever as a Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

FATHER. God the Father is the creator of all things. He continues to
provide for and care about this creation.

SON. God the Son visited our planet earth in the person of Jesus
Christ. This Jesus:

  • was born of a virgin, Mary;
  • lived a sinless life;suffered and died to pay the penalty for our sins, a penalty we
    could not pay;
  • rose again;
  • ascended into heaven; and
  • will someday return.

HOLY SPIRIT. God the Holy Spirit

  • works in human spirits to regenerate them and so bring them back
    to God through Jesus;
  • brings believers in Jesus together in groups (often called
    churches, congregations or fellowships) for worship, prayer,
    study, service and encouragement;
  • guides the faith and life of believers through the Bible which we
    accept as the Word of God, the final authority for the believer's
    doctrine, faith and life.

HUMANS. We humans are souls created in God's image, but we have marred
that image through sin and deserve eternal separation from God. But
all who confess their sin and trust in the finished work of Christ
alone will be spared that separation and live with God forever.

We humans are also created with bodies and we confess that the naked
human form is good and wholesome. Believers in Jesus are called to
imitate Jesus, to follow God's pattern for living as found in the
Bible, and to live in a right relationship with God as Adam and Eve did
in the Garden, including the freedom to be naked and unashamed before
Him and others.

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