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      Date: Sunday Feb 12, 2012
     Title: CNC 2012

CNC 2012 is READY!

We finally have our dates and locations ready for 2012!

Our favorite locations are back this year and our dates ready.  The following dates are:

Avalon Resort in West Virginia, June 29, 30 and August 1

NEW! Oaklake Trails in Oklahoma July 13-15

Lake Como in Florida, July 20-22

What are we expecting?

Our schedule for each event are usually similar, but they will have their own flavors, so check with us for the individual events.  However, we usually open on Friday night with praise and worship, welcome message and announcements followed by lots of fellowship. That is usually around 7PM

Saturday morning, in some locations, will be a prayer circle where we focus on God, for God and about God.

Then after a breakfast (contental style for the group in some locations) we have our morning session, which lasts until lunch.  Then we break for a Group Lunch (catered or potluck or large cookout, again, depending on location) and then we have another session on a topic that afternoon. Usually lasts from an hour and a half to two hours.

Then after a few minute break (15 or so) we have a Break Out session with men and women so we can discuss other issues that we feel we can safely expound on. This should last no more than an hour.

After dinner and family time, we get back together for an evening course ministry around 8pm  Again, no more than an hour.

Sunday morning is special because we hold Church Services either with a locally established church in the resort or we lead a church service. This is OPEN TO ALL at the Resort! So we invite people throughout the weekend.  It is usual service layout (interpret that) with a Communion service before we close.  Music, sermons, prayers, special readings, and communion as well as a call to reconciliation, peace and recommitment to Christ.

There are usually pastors and ordained ministry available (they may only be attendees but volunteer to be available) for counciling, prayer, anointing, baptisms, etc. so take advantage of their services.

If you are a pastor or ordained minister and want to make your services available for this, please note that in your registration.

Even though we have not had any baptisms, we do make those available too. Since Resorts are usually supplied with plenty of water in the form of pools, we feel that should be no problem.

Go up to the CNC Section on our main page and point to your location and you will find the Resort details and dates and then go to our registration page from there.

Make sure you select which location on the button at the top!